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Customer Galleries

This customer used our Quilted style backsplash in Oil-Rubbed Bronze color to add some warmth and interest to her otherwise cool-toned kitchen.
This customer project added rhythm and style with our Mini Quattro kitchen backsplash panels. The Brushed Aluminum finish adds an industrial feel to this modern kitchen.
Here is a customer project in which Traditional 1 style backsplash was used in a kitchen to provide a personalized, stylish accent. The Polished Copper color adds warmth and beauty to the space.
This customer used our modern Ripple style backsplash in her kitchen. The Crosshatch Silver finish pulls all of the colors together and reflects nicely off the granite counter tops.
This customer project features our Waves style kitchen backsplash applied vertically. The bold, modern pattern is accentuated by the flat, Argent Bronze color. The backsplash texture really makes this kitchen project pop.
This customer used our Traditional 1 backsplash in their kitchen to provide some old-style fashion. The Crosshatch Silver color is the perfect complement to this style.
This customer wanted to add style and contrast to their traditional French-country cabinetry. Our quilted pattern in a warm Oil-Rubbed Bronze provided just what they were looking for.
This small kitchen area was updated with our Quilted backsplash panels. The industrial character of the space now feels like an old-style diner. The Brushed Aluminum finish adds brightness and authenticity.
Look how the earth-toned Smoked Pewter finish of this traditionally styled backsplash grounds the color of the counter tops. The browns and grays complement each other beautifully in this customer kitchen backsplash update.
This customer project features our Traditional 1 backsplash in Polished Copper. The neutral color bridges the light cabinets and the cool, gray countertops.
This customer’s kitchen features cabinets and counter tops in various shades of gray. Using our clean, white kitchen backsplash delivers contrast and unity. The geometric designs on our Traditional 4 style perfectly complete this decor.
A close-up of the previous kitchen backsplash. The green glass cabinet pulls provide the only hint of color in this otherwise monochromatic scheme.
This customer used our Waves style backsplash panels to add interest and tonal continuity to this kitchen makeover project. The Polished Copper color blends with the wood-toned decor.
This customer kitchen makeover project used our Waves style backsplash panels in oil-rubbed bronze to match the chocolate-toned counter tops. The visual design harmony that is achieved makes for an attractive update.
This customer used our Traditional 1 backsplash to spruce up his wet bar. The Argent Bronze backsplash ties the cabinet and counter top together.
This creative customer transformed two standard bookcases into much more visually appealing pieces of furniture by applying Hammered in Polished Copper panels to the backs.
Traditional 1 panels in Antique Bronze transform an otherwise plain bar front into a conversation piece that’s both decorative and durable.
Three Hammered panels in Oil-Rubbed Bronze were all it took to take a plain headboard to a whole new level in this customer project.
Hammered in Oil-Rubbed Bronze panels add a decorative touch to this contemporary style headboard. The finish works well when paired with the wood and wall colors.
Tired of their outdated looking but still functional refrigerator, this customer simply refaced it with Traditional 2 panels in Brushed Aluminum for a unique look.
This customer used Traditional 10 panels in Argent Bronze to add eye-catching interest to the fireplace surround. Matching trim in the same finish hides any seams where the panels meet.
Why purchase artwork when you can create something that’s uniquely yours? This customer framed our Echo panels in Bermuda Bronze for an attention-grabbing focal point for the room.
Tired of the Rookwood façade of her fireplace, Jessica refaced it with our Traditional 6 panels in Brushed Nickel for an entirely new look. (Please note: Fasade panels should not be exposed to high heat or flames. This is a NON-WORKING fireplace.)
This customer chose our Traditional 2 style ceiling panel in Bermuda Bronze as insets in a wood-beamed ceiling for a stunning ceiling that really is the focal point of the room.
This is an alternative view of the same project featuring Traditional 2 style ceiling panels in a Bermuda Bronze finish. The panels look quite striking against the dark wood beams he chose.
This customer chose our Rings style ceiling panels in Muted Gold to transform their ho-hum ceiling into a Modern masterpiece.
This Traditional 4 style ceiling panel pattern in Moonstone Copper adds to the charm of this rustic style basement and works especially well paired against the warm wood walls. The customer chose lay-in 2x4 panels with a matching color CeilingMax grid system and GridMax grid covers.
In this alternative shot of a basement, we see the expanse of Traditional 4 ceiling panels in Moonstone Copper perfectly complementing the rustic aesthetic of the space.