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The Right Ceilings For Low Basement Height

Image of CeilingMax with GridMax being installed

Low ceiling height in a basement can make even the most expansive of rooms resemble a cramped and dreary cave. You can approach the problem aesthetically to give the illusion of height.

Some tricks include:

  • Installing recessed lighting vs. hanging lights
  • Painting the walls a light color and the ceiling white
  • Using furniture with clean lines
  • Defining spaces or conversation areas with half-walls vs. building full walls which “chop” up the room and make it appear smaller

There are some things you can do structurally as well. A ceiling product with “snap in” technology, such as CeilingMAX, allows you to easily mount a ceiling to any surface — gaining headroom and flexibility. Best of all, it works with any 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ acoustical ceiling tile up to ¾.”

CeilingMAX saves up to 6" of ceiling height and fastens to joists, plaster or drywall. It’s easy to cut and use, doesn’t require wires or leveling, and is available in a wide range of finishes.