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Commercial Kitchen Ceilings

Things To Consider With Commercial Kitchen Ceilings

Image of Flagstone's new ceiling tiles

Commercial kitchens must meet state statutes, health department and USDA requirements that are vastly different from those in a residential setting. Because food is prepared and distributed to the public, consideration for cleanliness and food safety issues are of the utmost importance.

Traditional dropped ceilings are easily stained, damaged or soiled in a commercial kitchen environment. In addition to being unattractive, water-stained or damaged ceiling tiles can harbor mold, mildew and bacteria.The cost of continually buying and replacing damaged tiles is a hassle and an unwanted expense.

PVC panels solve the problems of water damage and mold or mildew that are traditionally experienced with fiber-based lay-in panels. Genesis waterproof lay-in ceiling panels are ideal for use in moist or humid areas like commercial kitchens. They resist mold and mildew and can easily be removed to be power-washed or cleaned with any household cleaner. Fiberglass free, they also meet Class A FSI and SDI ratings per ASTM E84.

Available in smooth or decorative embossed surface texture, they are an easy, maintenance-free and attractive option for commercial kitchen ceilings.