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Contemporary Kitchens

Image of Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen can be described as minimalist, modern and free of ornamentation. Clean, horizontal lines that are free of clutter and a monochromatic color scheme are also hallmarks of this decor trend.

Typical materials used in a contemporary kitchen include stainless steel, chrome, glass, laminate and concrete. Natural materials such as quartz and marble for countertops or backsplash, for example, are also popular choices.

Cabinets are sleek and are made with subtle wood grains or laminate and are seemingly free of seams. Sometimes open shelving is utilized or a mixture of open and closed cabinetry. Glass-front cabinet doors, either clear or frosted, are another popular design choice. Hardware is minimal as well. Simple knobs or pulls accent such sleek design elements.

Light also plays a big role in a contemporary kitchen. Many homeowners opt to take advantage of natural lighting with large windows and an open concept. Reflective surfaces also contribute to that lighter ambiance. Modern light fixtures, such as track or pendant lights, make a striking statement as well.

One easy way to create a focal point in a contemporary kitchen is to choose a modern or eclectic looking backsplash pattern or material. Fasade Thermoplastic Panels are available in a variety of modern patterns and also come in a range of finishes that match today’s contemporary appliances. Aspect Peel & Stick Metal Backsplash Tiles, or Aspect Glass Tiles, are two other strong choices when you want to up the ‘wow’ factor.