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Faux Ceilings

Image of Faux Ceiling

“Faux” is French for “imitation” or “fake.”

In the building products industry, there are a wide variety of faux products that are great alternatives to “real” or “genuine” materials because they save both time and money, yet look and feel very realistic. Imitation granite or marble countertops are two such examples in the surfaces category.

With ceiling products, faux options are a great alternative to the heavier and more expensive materials that were standard just 20 years ago. Ceiling beams, wood, tin or tray ceilings are all available in faux materials.

Faux ceiling beams replicate the look of wood for less. Non-distressed, lightly distressed and heavily distressed are three options, as are custom designs. Lightweight for easy handling and installation, many can also be installed over existing beams, pipes or wire conduit. Here's a great how-to article on how to install faux ceiling beams.

Faux wood ceiling systems allow for an easy upgrade because the panels are DIY-friendly. Many manufacturers of such products choose high-density polyurethane so they can be used inside or outside and are maintenance free.

A tin ceiling is a beauty to behold. But a faux tin ceiling is a great alternative to metal and is a quick and easy way to cover a discolored or unattractive popcorn ceiling. Fasade, for example, offers thermoplastic, faux metal ceiling panels that are water, impact and stain resistant — at a fraction of the price of other products. Durable and timeless, these stylish panels add instant drama that leaves a lasting impression. Decorative ceiling panels can either be glued up or installed into almost any lay-in ceiling grid system.  

A tray ceiling is an architectural feature that is designed to add interest to a plain, flat ceiling. It can be recessed or inverted, and the different levels in such a ceiling can create a feeling of spaciousness. A faux tray ceiling can be created using different painting techniques and accent colors. Crown molding and wood trim are two other popular materials that are used to get the effect. Recessed lighting or chandeliers are often used to highlight the space, bringing even more visual interest and drawing the eye upwards.