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Faux Tin Ceiling

Image of Faux Tin Ceiling tiles

Faux tin ceiling products allow homeowners to add the authentic look of tin, without the cost, corrosion or challenges that come with metal ceiling products.

Decorative thermoplastic panels are an easy way to add character or drama to any space. Fasade faux tin ceiling panels, for example, are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to complement any décor, and are half the price of metal ceiling panels. They also fit into any room without worry of wear and tear, or the corrosiveness of tiles over time.

Fasade faux tin ceiling panels insert easily into any existing or new suspended ceiling (T-Bar grid systems) and matching GridMAX grid covers are available in 18 finishes to match your tile of choice. Or, glue-up installation can be completed through direct surface-mount application. You can choose a recommended adhesive and apply panels to a variety of surfaces.