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Glass Backsplash

Glass tile is a timeless backsplash material for a number of reasons. Glass is durable, easy to clean and fairly easy to install. It also looks striking in any setting and instantly updates a kitchen or bath.

Glass tile is available in a range of formats and sizes, ranging from pebble-sized to 2" x 2", 4" x 4" and more. Offered in nearly every color of the rainbow, you’re sure to find the tile you want to make your space unique and inviting.

An increasingly popular alternative, solid glass sheets are another practical option, especially in a kitchen. They reflect light back into the room to open up the space. Because they do not require grout lines, seamless glass panels are easier to clean and there are fewer areas in which dirt and germs can hide. Choices range among clear, frosted, patterned, tinted and vibrant colors.
Care must be made during installation, however, to avoid leaving any fingerprints on the surface. The wall behind the glass must be free of dirt and debris so nothing shows through. The edges must be sealed upon completion for a seamless look and to prevent moisture and bacteria from getting behind the material.

Recycled glass is another increasingly popular choice among consumers who are attracted to sustainable products. The “greenest” type of tile is made up of post-consumer recycled content, as opposed to tiles that have been manufactured from scraps from a glass facility.

Aspect Peel & Stick glass tiles are a new-to-market product for the DIY homeowner. Like Aspect Peel & Stick metal tiles, their glass counterparts are an easy, budget-friendly project that instantly transforms any space. Available in 3”x6” sizes and 6 designer colors, they require no grout and can be arranged vertically, horizontally or in any other creative pattern. Use different colors throughout to make even more visually interesting.