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Inexpensive Basement Ceilings

Image of drop ceiling in a basement

If money’s tight, but you still want to spruce up your ceiling, there are several inexpensive options to explore.

One such option is painting the ceiling. This works best if the overhead area of the room is free of wires and ductwork. However, some people like the industrial look of exposed piping and choose to paint that as well. Adding texture to the paint adds visual interest and can help with acoustics, too.

Another inexpensive option is a drop ceiling. Drop ceilings are easy to install and there are many inexpensive colors and designs available. In addition to enhanced sound absorption, a drop ceiling also offers access to piping, ductwork and wires.   

For those who prefer a natural or rustic look, wood paneling is another inexpensive alternative. Options include barn board, driftwood or unfinished wood, which can also be painted to match any decor. Faux wood panels, typically made of polyurethane, are a lightweight, maintenance-free option.  

Drywall, which is commonly referred to as sheetrock, is a quick and inexpensive alternative to traditional lath and plaster. One of the disadvantages to drywall, however, is that it can easily be damaged by water and it supports the growth of mold if not waterproof.

Ceiling tiles are gaining in popularity due to advances in design and materials. Those manufactured from PVC with a smooth or decorative, embossed surface texture, like Fasade ceiling panels, are not only attractive, but solve the problems of water damage and mold or mildew that are traditionally experienced with fiber-based lay-in panels. Genesis maintenance-free ceiling panels are waterproof, washable and resist corrosion, mold and mildew. They are perfect for basements, laundry rooms or any other damp or humid space.