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Kitchen Design for High Ceilings

Tall ceilings are especially dramatic in a kitchen. The down side, however, is that some high ceilings can actually seem too tall for the space.

There are things you can do to make a too-high ceiling in a kitchen seem less imposing. The easiest fixes involve a little creativity. For example, custom-made window treatments that extend far above the windows help to break up the vast space between windows and ceilings. Hanging large-scale vertically-oriented artwork or other decorative elements is another trick that interior designers use. You can also paint the ceiling a darker hue than the wall color.

If you’re willing to go a step further, there are several structural fixes you can make to either give the illusion of a lower ceiling, or actually reduce the height of the ceiling.


Wooden beams in a kitchen can create a cozy and more informal aesthetic. Depending on the wood species and its texture, wooden beams work equally well in traditional, rustic and contemporary spaces. However, if real wood isn’t an option, there are a number of faux wood products on the market today. They not only cost less, but are lightweight and easier to install. Many products are also fire rated or “green,” providing a more environmentally –friendly option for the eco-conscious homeowner.  

Suspended ceiling

Another option is installing a suspended ceiling such as HG-Grid. A suspended ceiling keeps unsightly ducts, pipes and wiring out of view, but still allows them to remain easily accessible in the case of maintenance or repairs.  A Fasade ceiling panel installation can easily be completed by laying panels into your ceiling grid, dramatically changing the look of any room in just a few hours. Today’s lay-in ceiling panels are available in a variety of materials and designs and because they are waterproof, impact and stain-resistant, they are a durable and timeless option for reducing ceiling height in your kitchen.

Wood coffer ceiling

A wood coffer ceiling is another option for a kitchen ceiling that’s too high. Such systems, which consist of recessed panels framed by beams, come in a variety of real and faux wood options and are perfect for adding interesting detail and warmth to a high kitchen ceiling. An Evoba Wood Ceiling System consists of preassembled coffer panels and patented joint connection technology for direct mount or conventional suspension. Its modular assembly installs like a conventional grid system.