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Metal Ceilings

Image of Fasade Tin Style ceiling tiles

Metal ceilings, which were common from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, were an attractive, inexpensive way to decorate. Although they were typically referred to as tin ceilings, they consisted of steel panels that were coated with a layer of tin.

Today, metal ceilings are enjoying a renewed popularity as homeowners look to authentic-looking ways who to enhance the historic feel of their homes, or express their personal style with interesting patterns and shapes. Metal ceiling panels can transform a new or existing space and are perfect for ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms or basement recreation areas.

Because a metal ceiling will not attach well to drywall or plaster, it is necessary to apply a plywood substrate to an existing ceiling. Drop in ceiling panels, which are available in easy-care faux tin, are also available for existing grid systems.

Fasade thermoplastic, faux metal ceiling panels are water, impact and stain resistant — at a fraction of the price of other products. They are a great alternative to real metal products because they are durable and lightweight, which makes installation easier and less time consuming.

Regardless of which option you land on, with the number of styles and finishes offered, your decorating options are endless.