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Tile Patterns

Image of Tile Patterns

If you purchase classic 3”x6” subway tiles for a kitchen backsplash, you have a number of options with tile patterns. Tile patterns, or tile arrangements, are varied.

Here are a few arrangements to consider.

Stack Bond

Symmetrical and ordered, Stack Bond is a very minimal and modern look.

Running Bond

Running Bond is more visually dynamic than Stack Bond, but still clean looking.

Basket Weave 1

This pattern features tile pairs capped with single tiles, alternating above and below, for added visual interest.

Basket Weave 2

This classic pattern features pairs of tiles layered horizontally and vertically.


This pattern is made from a 2:1 tile ratio. If you rotate the tiles 45 degrees, if becomes a Chevron pattern.

Offset Joint

This is the typical pattern you think of when envisioning a subway tile layout. As the name suggests, each joint is centered over the tile beneath it. The photo at left illustrates this style.