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Wood Beamed Kitchen Ceilings

Wood beams are a great way to make your kitchen ceiling a focal point. With so many species of wood to choose from, including reclaimed timber from old barns and siding, wood beams add beauty and warmth to any decor.

To make your ceiling a focal point:

  • Stain beams to match woodwork
  • Paint beams to accent wall color
  • Rough up beams with a hammer or heavy tool for a distressed look

"Reclaimed lumber is wood taken for re-use."
Source: Wikipedia

Another option is to stencil a design on the wood to make it truly unique. Hang hooks or nails from wooden beams to hold objects such as cookware, or special items you want to display. You can also install lighting from the wooden beams to illuminate task areas or just add a dramatic flair to the room.

Keep in mind that there are many affordable, lightweight faux wood beams on the market today, and they may be an option if a limited budget is a factor.

Wood Beamed Kitchen Ceiling

Regardless of what you choose, however, wood beams on a kitchen ceiling add that certain something to an oft-overlooked surface, and can really up the visual interest and value of the room that gets the most use in any home.