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Wood Coffered Ceilings

Wood Coffered Ceiling

Wood coffered ceilings have existed for centuries and originally were installed in castles and grand homes throughout Europe. Revered for the timeless elegance and sophistication they lend to any space, wood coffered ceilings have seen an increase in popularity in recent years.   

A coffered ceiling is composed of a series of sunken panels, usually in the shape of a square, which add a decorative element and improves acoustics by reducing or eliminating the amount of echo in a high-ceilinged space.

Custom-crafted wood ceiling systems are labor intensive for even the most skilled craftsmen and are not inexpensive. But a modular wood ceiling system is a great alternative because you get that custom-crafted look at a low cost, as well as ease of installation.

The Evoba Wood Ceiling System consists of lay-in wood ceiling coffer panels measuring 2’ x 2’ x 2″ deep. Its prefabricated grid components eliminate custom millwork costs and it is adaptable to any size or shape room. Available wood species include Oak, Cherry and Maple with Natural, Cider, Mocha and Bordeaux finishes. It is also available in paintable or unfinished.