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Express your unique style

Glam shot of Fasade Modern style backsplash

Modern Collection

Modern backsplash design signifies a sense of style that recognizes beauty in simplicity. If you favor a minimalist look, yet like to push creative boundaries, our Modern style backsplash offerings are a great way to accentuate your contemporary decor. Modern style backsplash products feature streamlined designs that perfectly illustrate your clean, functional sensibility for everyday living.

Sleek, polished finishes are a hallmark of Modern design style from surfaces to furniture and accent pieces. These Modern-style backsplashes are striking in any number of the style and finish combinations we offer. Choose Fasade and Aspect Modern style backsplashes to make a bold statement without saying a word.

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Glam shot of Fasade Traditional style backsplash

Traditional Collection

Our traditional styles include tried and true offerings that stand the test of time. Traditional style Fasade panels and backsplashes incorporate symmetrical lines and beautifully understated patterns that are anything but ordinary. These classic designs from yesteryear replicate many turn-of-the-century patterns found in metal stamped ceilings from the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Available in a range of finishes — including bronzes, coppers, golds, pewters, silvers and paintable white — finding a combination that matches your classic design sensibilities is easy. For an enduring look, choose Traditional style and make any space elegant and inviting.

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Glam shot of Fasade Industrial style backsplash

Industrial Collection

Our Industrial style backsplash designs consist of patterns that are either new or rediscovered configurations that seamlessly blend art and engineering. Straightforward and modern, they marry form and function to dramatically enhance your contemporary or industrial-looking interior design.

The Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century - the inspiration for this collection - signaled a retreat from the ornate decorations and architectural aesthetic that was the standard at the time. That lead to a simpler, more straightforward design ideal that remains popular today. Choose Industrial style designs for a clean, modern aesthetic.

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