Trim Installation

Adhere J-trims using double-sided tape or tube adhesive. Inside corners don’t require any adhesive. They stay secure as two backsplash panels connect to them.

As all installation and applications are not the same, when using the 47-inch trims with 4×8 wall panels in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, its best to stagger your trim seams at different locations than the wall panel seams so they are less visible or noticeable. Trims can also be mitered to minimize the joint connection as seen with standard wood trims.

If the area to be covered ends on a flat wall, and you desire to finish the cut edge of the last panel, it can be done by using a piece of matching Edge J-Trim. This trim piece slides onto the cut edge of the panel. If you have an inside corner, we recommend using a piece of matching Inside Corner Trim.

See drawing below.